Ubatuba: picture-perfect beaches and lots of Pizza

Still marked badly from the blood-thirsty vampire mosquitoes of Ilhabela, but confident to survive any other mosquitoes thereafter, we arrived in Ubatuba.
We had decided to come here not only due to the city’s awesome name but also because it offers more than a 100 beaches, some of them among the best in Brazil. As our first day started out quite rainy, we decided to drive to Paraty, a nearby charming little city with a beautiful old town area full of historic buildings and souvenir shops. Some of these have a clear specialization: the famous local Cachaça of which they carry a myriad of different ones. When we had tasted and bought enough Cachaça the day brightened up and eventually even the sun came out a bit. Thus we decided to visit the magnificent beach of Trindade. Here people can stroll along the beach or relax in the “natural swimming pool” formed by the ocean.
By the time we got back to Ubatuba, we were full and satisfied with all the day’s impressions, but physically starving, so we opted for a local favorite: Pizza – and because we felt super hungry: Pizza Rodízio (all you can eat pizza).
The next day we decided to visit Cedro beach, a small beach strip located in the midst of the rainforest which made the list of the top beaches of Brazil. This is a hidden oasis, with a small restaurant and a tiny place renting out snorkeling and other water equipment.
On our last day we went to Vermelha beach, a popular surf spot in Ubatuba, which by the way is known as the “surf capital” of the region. Relaxed and tanned, almost like locals, we then made our way to the city’s bus terminal: After all São Paolo was already waiting to be explored.

When in Ubatuba:
Where to stay: Pousada Residencial Vista Mar – a great option for everybody who likes to wake up to breathtaking ocean views.
Where to eat and drink: Pizzaria Sao Paulo – we know: Ubatuba for sure has plenty of awesome restaurants but for some reason we always ended up with having Pizza (which is nothing to be ashamed of here – the locals LOVE pizza!). This place was our favourite though.
What to do off the beaten track: Cedro Beach – a swimming, snorkeling and stand-up paradise.

Here are some highlights captured during our stay in Ubatuba:

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