Hello People!


As most of you who find this blog already know, we are Lisa, Nicky and Patrick and the three of us are friends who lately decided to trade in our jobs for travel experiences and as the human brain tends to forget easily, we decided to write it all down and thus become “travel bloggers”.


In that way, we can make sure we won’t forget how great an idea it all was to just buy a one way ticket for South America and leave home, but we can also send out vital signs to our friends and families and keep them posted of our whereabouts.


Furthermore, we hope we can also provide some inspiration and useful travel tips for those of you who may have stumbled upon our page without knowing us priorly: hello to all of you!


In fact, as we like to do things properly, despite this modest start we aim to make you the bigger part of our audience over time as we would surely like to become your primary place to go when it comes to first-hand travel stories… let’s see how that goes!


Our prefered travel style is active and explorative, so if that sounds interesting to you, why not follow our posts regularly? We’d love to share our experiences with you! As we are by far not omniscient and value your opinions, experiences and feedback as well, we would like this blog to be interactive and integrative of your comments, so please, share your thoughts with us and all other readers!


Update: After 6 months of traveling, experiencing amazing beaches in Brazil, breathtaking landscapes in Patagonia, the highest mountains in Bolivia, stunning wildlife in Ecuador and the biggest adventures in Venezuela, we know that quitting our jobs was the BEST decision we could have ever made. We were not only able to visit nine different countries but we also met many wonderful people that all contributed to an unforgettable time. And to all the people out there that read this blog.

Thank you!



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