Exploring Rome

Our journey began with an overnight train ride from Innsbruck to Rome. To add some adventurous touch from the start, we opted for a regular cabin instead of a sleeping one. Nevertheless, time passed fast and soon we could enjoy a typical “Italian breakfast” with a really “grande capuccino” and a delicious “brioche con marmellata” but in a very unitalian way: sitting down, like only “people from the North” do, according to our hotel host Gianluca. Afterwards our discovery tour of Rome started. We explored the city only on foot, already in our South American hiking attire which attracted quite some suspicious glances from fashion-conscious Italians. No need to take the metro here: the real charm of Rome is found in all the tiny alley ways and there are a myriad of fascinating ruins found in between the main and most known sights.

When in Rome
Where to sleep: Yes Rome B&B – a great option for backpackers.
Where to eat & drink: An Italian coffee at La Casetta della Madonna dei Monti – a cozy place where great drinks and snacks meet Italian hospitality. Homemade pasta and pizza at Taverna de Pasquino – a wonderful restaurant for a typical Italian dinner.
What to do in Rome off the beaten track: Giardino degli Aranci – a fantastic place for a scenic view over the city.

Here are some highlights captured during our city tour of Rome: